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Oh I want the tangerine!

I'm sorry Christine - but no chance, these small samples are destined for a special 'just for me' project.

could you spare a TEENSY snip of some of these for TENSY hexies??

...maybe a giveaway???

pretty please????

Oh my gosh Natalie..How do you do it..this would keep me up at night too..All of the colors give the patterns a special look!!

just think of the lovely project you can make with all the fun fabrics.. in the line and out.. and have a special memory of your journey... all so very cute...

Love all those! I can see your dilemma when each one is as wonderful as the previous! How WOULD one choose!? I DO love that tangerine color. Have you ever done or thought of doing a fall or Halloween print series?? Cute Cinderberry style ghosts and pumpkins and such?

I just love the fabrics! Hope there are some of fabrics will be in my collection. I really want to buy some pieces for me. Is there any fabric to sell?

Hi Jeanne - no, none of these ones will be available for sale, they never made it to print. Just showing you the process of fabric & art design for the line.

I love that tangerine. Is any of it for sale? I can't wait to get your new books, just running slow on everything right now. Hugs from Missouri, USA

love your Woodland range to bits, oh my it would of been hard to decide what goes..cheers Vickie

:-( Love the tangerine, and the grey and the white background with red, and the red background with the black swirls - I agree, a hard to decide ;-)

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