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This will allow the tray to sit under the guns as seen in the various pictures.

I dont scias kion diri. Tiu blogo estas fantazia.

Muchísimas felicidades!!!

Ihr Punkt ist valueble für mich. Vielen Dank!

congratulations. Two beautiful children. you are truly blessed.x


Congratulations. Gorgeous photos too.

Huge congrats, I do hope you are settling into being a family of four and the festive season is finding you well. I love the thought of being in labour denial :)

Thank you for sharing. My mother and niece share the same birthday, and her sister and I share the same birthday. Nice to share birthdays and such a beautiful baby to add to your family. Congratulations

Just beautiful! Such a precious time. Congratulations!

Just had to comment on this one, grin. When I was 5 my dad asked me if I wanted a birthday cake I could have anytime, or a real live baby boy for my very own. Of course I chose the baby boy, and took him everywhere I went up till I was about 13, I am now 76 and that baby boy is now 71, and we are still as close as we were when we were children, glad you did get to the hospital before the baby decided to prove you were having a baby, grin. Barbara in western NC

Very heartwarming. and hello Darcy! Welcome to the world! very wonderful boy!

It's such a sweet story!
Congratulations to all your family!


that is the most beautiful story ever...what an amazing day ..the pics are wonderful..welcome little one...what a great birthday pressy..love margie

desde España,os deseo una vida llena de alegrias .¡¡¡ guapos ¡¡¡

Great big hugs Natalie! I'm so thrilled for you and your sweet family. He's adorable.


Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing :)

Natalie and family, What a beautiful story, What beautiful children, and beautiful pictures. May your lives be filled with wonderful memories. Congratulations to all of you.Maxine

congradulations!!! Your family jus t got more love, and will add so many happy memories when seeing the two together and as they grow with each other to cherish and of course bicker with, lol. A special gift for Isabella one she won't ever for get and will remind brother of often. Enjoy for they grow so fast.

What sweet news! Congratulations!

Congratulations Natalie!!!!!!!!

great story hope to see more from you

Congratulations and best wishes to you all!! Love the story and Isabelle's reaction. What a lovely family you have. x

Such a beautiful story - tears in my eyes reading it. You are going to need to be a very busy mum organising parties in the future! Two on the one day four years apart? So clever! (btw, Darcy is beautiful but a very decent weight being two weeks early! Lucky for you he was!).

Darcy is beautiful. (As is Isabelle.) Wonderful story. A similar thing happened to me with my first. She was 2 1/2 weeks early, and I was definitely in labor denial. I was not prepared at home, so there was no way that she could possibly be coming! Or so I thought...

Wonderful story!!! And my congratulations with sweet Darcy William:)) My little Matthew was born on 19 of october 2012 too:))

Congratulations. That was one of the nicest blog stories I have ever read. All the best.

Congratulations Natalie! Thanks to share with us these special moments for your beautiful family. Cute baby boy! All the best for you. Barbara from Italy

Natalie, How wonderful for you. My 3rd daughters 4th birthday. I was down town doing the birthday food shopping for the afternoon party. My mum and dad were looking after Amelia. The 2 older girls were at school. I was having the same thoughts - labour denial - no not today. These contrations are not 5 minutes apart. I think I'd better go home. Got home, waters broke, rang husband at work, Oh he says I'll just have a cup of tea before I leave work. Like hell you will, get your butt home now!!! Rosalia was born 2 hours later and Amelia was just as over joyed having a little baby sister for her Birthday too even though we did'nt get as far as birthday food. The rest of the family celebrated her birthday the next day, a Saturday. They are now 22 and 18 and such beautiful young women and good friends. Enjoy these years while your children are still young. Time seems to fly by so quickly. We have welcomed our grandaughter into the world on 28th of September. A big year for me, my 50th and becoming a nanna as well. It has been a wonderful year. Also have some of your fabrics to make her a quilt. Should really be doing that now. Always sewing to be done.

Tears are rolling on my cheeks : life is sometimes so beautiful ! Your little girl with the finger in the hand of her little brother : so touching.
Have a good day happy mum :o)

A beautiful blog story:) Congratulations to you all:)

Loved your post. Brought back many memories. My kids are 4 years apart as well. I did go to the hospital on my sons 4th birthday as well only to be sent home and then back the next day to have my daughter. Birthdays......Sep 3 and 4. Time goes so fast. My son is already 43 and my daughter 39. Enjoy them and take lots of pictures.

loved your story, I had our first son on his daddy's birthday, this year they will be 57 and 31 on the 9th December. As he grew up and their love of lego grew it was ok for me to spend big bucks on big lego for them to share. Now they are going to at some stage go which one do you want as my almost 31 year old has a 1 year old daughter is already being bought lego for her to follow her daddy and granddad in their build obsession.

BTW October is a great month for a birthday mine is just 3 day later


I was so blown away to read your news and that Isabelle's brother was born on her birthday ... How wonderful ....

It brought a tear to my eye ... as we had a girl Lauren as our first and then a boy ... her brother Alex who turned 18 on
14 October this year .. and I'd been wondering where all those years had gone ...

when I saw your lovely pics of your wee man ....it brought back so many happy memories and of course future ones to come ...

thank you so much for sharing with us ...Isabelle is going to love being a big sister ...

and if my two are anything to go by ... they will be closer than you can ever imagine .....they tell each other things that we the parents aren't privy to ..

Warm congratulations from the other side of the ditch.
Chris ... Wellington .. N.Z.

What a wonderful story for Isabelle to share with her children someday..He is indeed a special birthday gift..I hope that she still feels that way when he is snatching her toys away Natalie..lol Congrats to all of you!!

I must say my eyes teared up.. I can just hear her excitement... what a great gift for you all all.... :D

So beautiful! Congratulations!

A lovely blog to start my Sunday morning. Wishing you all many treasured memories and joy.

well done you, congrats to the Lymer family on your new addition.How fabulous for Isabelle and a truly wonderful birthday gift indeed.

Congratulations!!! My uncles were born 5 years apart to the day also...funny how that happens, but I think it is really special.

Congratulations! My heart just grew bigger also. They are both adorable and such beautiful names. Such blessings!

Beautiful Story- blessings!

Indeed, very blessed. Congratulations to the whole family.

What a fantastic story!!! ... Lol! I laughed as I read all your "labour denial" comments, as I remember well, my own labour - while I knew I was in labour, I was convinced it wouldn't be until later that night that we would even have to start thinking about heading to the hospital (despite my waters breaking at just before 3am, and my first contraction starting 40 mins after that!!); lol! It was only when my cousin came around for a visit at 10:30am ... took one look at me at told me to get in the car to the hospital ... that i even thought about packing my bags for the hospital!!! LOL! She arrived at 2:47pm, just over 3 hours after we'd arrived at the hospital! Won't be making that mistake again!

Darcy is absolutely adorable!!! ... And that shot with both Isabelle and Darcy is just gorgeous!! What an amazing birthday present for the big 4yr old!!! Such special memories to remember forever!! ... Praying everything is going smoothly for you all!!

OH, and that fabric looks *gorgeous*!!!


Oh Nat what a beautiful story.Congratulations on your handsome baby boy!! So in four years time when you are doing the double birthdays don't ignore those pains!!I don't think the staff know how to deliver babies at Maccas.

'Gefeliciteerd' as we say in Dutch with your two beautiful children! My husband and his younger brother share the same birthday, only 7 years in between an his older sister has 3 gilrs of which also two share a birthday with 6 years apart. And our daughters share a biryhday too but that's because they are twins :-)

thanks for the lovely story!

Congratulations to you and your family - what a lovely thing to have happened. Isabelle is going to be a wonderful big sister to Darcy. They are both beautiful.

Oh, what a lovely story. Congratulations to the happy family

Beautiful story Natalie...I have 2 Nieces & a BIL all on the same day..the Girl's are Sisters 3yrs Apart...
Hope you are all doing Well

Awww huge congratulations to you and yours. Darcy looks just precious and what a proud and sweet sister!

Thank you for sharing your story with us, its lovely, congratulations to you all!!

congrats on your little boy.......gorgeous.......

Congratulations. I hope your little girl always thinks her little brother is the best birthday gift ever.

My sister and I are born on the same day, four years apart! Love the labour denial bit...

What a beautiful story !!! Welcome to Darcy William ! and all my congratulations to the lovely family !

Congratulations , what a beautiful baby and a gorgeous big sister! My sister in law was born on my husbands 4th birthday! They share a special bond.

All squishy squashy in the heart lovely...bless the Lymer family, Lord. :-)

Congratulations - I share my Birthday with my Husband and that always amazes people. I also have two friends that have children 3years and 1 day apart. With two on the same day October is always going to be a busy month in your house. Again congratulations and enjoy the baby stage.

Really wonderful story. Congratulations to you and your whole family. These are some of your very best years...

A day never to forget, what a lovely story! Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations on the birth of Darcy William,the perfect big sister birthday gift :) Barb.

What a beautiful story and congratulations on your new addition.

congrats and what a wonderful story and how clever are you to have him on Isabel's birthday,i love his name.xx

Wow, what a lovely story! Congratulations to you all....enjoy!

A beautiful story best wishes to you and your family and what a great birthday present for sweet little Isabelle. Three of my sister-in-laws also have children born on the same day but a few years apart in age. I think its amazing that we have three lots in one family! You certainly have some wonderful memories through photos to show your children when they get older.

Congratulations Natalie, that had me tearing up. I especially love the photo of Isabelle holding Darcy's little hand, cuteness overload!!

Beautiful ,thank you for sharing,enjoy this time because it does go so quickly ,mine have family's of there own now,but the memories of these moments stay with you forever you will never forget,god bless to all of you .

Beautiful story Nat What a beautiful surprise too. They are both adorable. And very special born on the same birthday day. Sweet

Thanks for sharing your lovely story Natalie, just beautiful. My Mum's birthday is the 19th so is my father in law, what are the chances. Some things are just ment to be. Congratulations on your beautiful children.

Congratulations Natalie and family! Thank you for sharing this exciting time with us, what a great birthday present for your daughter!

Your whole family is Blessed once again. Congration :)

Sweet <3

Totally beautiful, lovely and touching story! You are truly blessed!!
Thank you for the gorgeous pictures as well......
With love!

A wonderful story. I am so happy for your family and for Isabella getting the best birthday gift ever.

I was just getting ready to go to bed, when I saw your blogpost pop up on Facebook and so I popped over to read it..........and what a lovely read it was. What a sweet story to read before going to bed. How wonderful for Isabelle to get such a delightful gift for her 4th birthday! Just so sweet. What a lovely memory for all of you!

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