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Wow, eso fue muy interesante. Inspiring, también. ¡Gracias por compartir esta experiencia inspiradora con nosotros. Usted tiene razón, que realmente ha salvado vidas. Gran blog, felicidades.

Via punkto estas valueble por mi. Dankon!

Cute kids! I find saying "stinky nappies" always makes my 3yo giggle and smile. Doesn't twelve weeks of waiting take an eternity, and twelve weeks do life fly by? It's sooo not fair!

Your two little poppets are just adorable. And doesn't it just melt your heart when the new addition is so unconditionally loved by the older sibling/s. I had baby number 4 a week before xmas - his 2 big sisters and big brother are just besotted with him - they can't do enough to help me. I am so proud of my family. And time does go extremely quick - in the 5 weeks since our little man has been born he has changed so much - I sometimes wish I could slow down time.

We had our 2nd little bub last year as well, on the 4th of Oct. There is an 8 year age gap between my son and daughter, a miracle i didn't think would ever happen. It's so nice having a bigger age gap as my son is such a good little helper, as your little girl would be to you. They look so happy together - very cute

I can't believe how big your daughter is! Your son is precious! You have lovely children, enjoy every moment - the good ones and the bad. My "baby" is 31 now and although he'd think I lost my mind, I'd still love to squinch his face and tickle him!

I wish you a wonderful year !! not difficult with two beautiful children !

Those babies of yours are gorgeous Natalie!!!

So good to hear from you Natalie..Looks like she loves being a big sister!!

Beautiful post, and if Bum works....go for it and enjoy!!! Boogy is another good one!!

both beautiful little possums... treasure them for they are the most precious things you have... Although when they throw a wobbly or your up in the wee small hours rocking a restless baby it seems forever... I remember the smell of freshly bathed children and how I could never get enough of it... They are now both in their thirties - that time seemed only yesterday... Take care x

Beautiful photo's, beautiful quilt

Happy New Year! Gee your kidlets are growing fast.....ENJOY!!!

They grow too fast!!!
Our new granddaughter was born last week, and I know in a very short period of time she will change so much!
I can't believe my eldest granddaughter will be 8 this year!
Beautiful photos, Natalie and such gorgeous kids! I wonder if it will be another 12 weeks before we see some more? ;)
Too cute!

Hard to believe she is four! Your little boy is getting more adorable by the day! So many congratulations!

Darling little ones. How fast they grow! You are so blessed!

Both very adorable. Hugs,xx

Your children are adorable!

What a happy cute little family you have. They are adorable!

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