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Hey there! Estou no trabalho surf em torno de seu blog do meu novo iphone! Só queria dizer que eu amo ler através de seu blog e estamos ansiosos para todos os seus posts! Continuem o excelente trabalho!

Happy birthday , I am very happy for you

happy birthday anniversary, sounds like you are surrounded by lots of people who love you to much to let you scoot under the radar

Happy Birthday!
Mine is in 13 months, multiple celebrations sound like the way to go.

Happy B-Day Natalie!! Your babies will keep you young..I had my son 2 months before I turned 36..This month I will turn 60!

Happy Birthday Natalie, the 40's are great.... well what I can remember of them that is!!

Very happy birthday !!

That's cute '4th x 10yrs!!! Oh to be 10 again.................
I hope is was a fabulous day!

Happy Birthday!

Happy 4+0 Natalie, it's not so bad I'm not looking forward to 60 but that's a while off yet!

Happy Belated Birthday Natalie!

Happy 4th! Isn't a Bernina (anything) the best sort of birthday present?

Happy Birthday! Wish I was celebrating 40 again!

Happy Birthday Natalie, sounds like you've had a lovely time celebrating :) Barb.

Happy Birthday Natalie!!! Glad to know that you had wonderful celebrations :)

Seems to me that you are down by one cake - after all if it is the fourth anniversary of your 10th birthday surely that should mean 4 cakes - after all you went out 4 times!!
Happy Birthday to you, mashed bananas and stew (You can't expect a mature version for your 10th birthday surely!!)
Hope that this year is everything that you are hoping and dreaming of it being.

Happy Anniversary of your 4th Birthday. So glad you are celebrating it in style. Here's to the next 40 being full of new adventures, joy, love, happiness and seeing the beauty in each and every day.

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