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Wow! I adore you work now and admire your work back then. Thank you for sharing.

Love seeing the work you did and what you are doing now. I can tell the passion in your work and it is wonderful of you to share with us. Thank you for all your beautiful work and also for sharing your precious family.Hugs, Marie

Amazing artwork!
I love seeing the evolution of an artist's work - as different materials, inspiration and such play their part, magic can happen and such a beautiful style (like yours!) can come about. :)

Your sketches are AMAZING! But I do enjoy your Cinderberry work so much.

Thankyou for sharing.....you are amazing. Look forward to all your future drawing, quirks, funny faces, inspiring fabric and much more, ....take some time for you too.....Jennifer

Fabulous work, your early work is very detailed, quite magnificent. There is a place for each different style. Keep up the talented work.

I am so glad you have concluded that it is progression - yes your drawings seem simpler now but they are so full of imagination, creativity, whimsy & joy. Your work now is also so unique - it is yours and yours alone & I for one love it dearly.

Natalie You are a truly talented and gifted lady. Your work is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Cx

"I am exactly where I want to be."
Not many can say that, Natalie. It truly is a gift.
Thank you for sharing your journey.

Natalie, You have not regressed but have found you! Your current drawings bring you such happiness and I think that's right where you should be. I too, am a sketcher and feel the same way about pencil & paper ( I liked those simple days).But you know what? When I look back at my old stuff, I usually see something within the drawing, that is still with me today. A technique or a subject...something, stays true all through the years. Fun huh!
So happy for all your success and know you aren't finished anytime soon ;)
Happy Sketchin' and Thanks for posting here! I love visiting!
Hugs, Susie

All your work is stunning.

My darling...
Please remember Matisse.
As older (and more experienced) he got, simpler and more concise and brightful and beautiful were his designs.

I love your things, all of them! :-D


Amazing Nat. I love both styles!

Wow Natalie, you're so talented. Love all the sketches, the whimsical ones say so much more about you than the portraits. They' ve become so recognisable as works by Natalie Lymer.

WOW!! What beautiful work!

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