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Questions done, some free text space in the survey might have been good for those peeps who like to expand on their thoughts :)

I like PDF patterns as they are there instantly & I don't have to pay postage to have them delivered. The cost of paper & ink is less than what it would cost to mail, especially since I live in Canada.

I only want paper patterns one at a time would buy once a month please do so have paper, no printer an besides you still have too cut up and apply steps too paste etc. I love your designs, thanx from USA

I love PDF as it is instant and I always have it if I loose a piece, I dont mind the sticky tape as I would normally copy a pattern to cut up and use anyway so I dont ruin the original

If I buy a paper pattern and pay the postage, I'd also like, included in the price, the PDF version in case I want to start right away, or in case I lose my pattern,(or the dog eats it) it'll be saved on the computer. I hate taping patterns together, too.

The type of pattern determines how I buy it. If all the pieces fit onto a page I will buy it. If I have to tape pieces together I will not. It is great to get o/seas patterns as PDF for speed of delivery and no postage.
If a pattern has a lot of pages in a PDF I will only print the pages of the pattern I need to use and then I
read the instructions via the screen.
Good luck with your plans.

Not a fan of PDFs unless they are less than 4 pages.

I generally love PDFs because I get them instantly. However, nothing is more annoying than printing out 20 pages of pattern only to find that the pieces are either square or rectangle and if only the designer had just given measurements it would have saved me a lot of money in paper and ink and a lot of time and tape.

Dear Natalie,

your international fans would love to get pdf patterns! :)

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